Your Business Goals & Ideas Fuse to Form Success

Your Business Goals & Ideas Fuse to Form Success

The execution of your idea is Wajig's highest priority.

With Wajig's cloud based platform, our developers have great range in making sure that your business drives the technology. Fusion is our line of custom development to achieve the success of your business goals.

The LOPEE Process

We call it our LOPEE process - Listen, Organize, Prioritize, Estimate, Execute

When you come to us with a project, we immediately place you into what we've dubbed as the LOPEE process. Over the years we have had great success in the results of this process. It's an informal, 5-step process.

The 'L' is Listen. You have a great idea the needs to be completed by a certain time. This project has any number of requirements to accomplish the goals and make is a success. We have the conversation with you to LISTEN to your thoughts and goals.

The 'O' is Organize. We take your requirements, and based around the goals and timeline, we ORGANIZE everything into buckets to define the features of your project.

The 'P' is Prioritize. Those buckets help us PRIORITIZE which are your primary goals and secondary goals, as well as setting the execution date. It also helps define which of the features are dependent upon others.

The 2 'E's are for Estimate and Execute. Ultimately the most important part of the process is to provide you with an ESTIMATE for the project and then be able to EXECUTE (our favorite part) for the success of the project.

Wajig Makes it Easy

While your knowledge and success is in your business, we handle the technical aspects of the success of the project. By fitting the solution to your business, allows you to grow the business further. We've developed everything from online stores based on Ruby on Rails, custom intranet portals based on PHP, WordPress plugins, mobile marketing material for branding. Our platform allows us to figure out the best solution so you don’t have to.


Shared Hosting

Unlike other Shared Hosting providers, we know who your neighbors are. Your website isn’t on a server where there are 250 other websites from all around the planet. If you are a Shared Hosting client, we take special care that your site will not suffer as a result of another site being a resource hog.

Dedicated Hosting

As a Dedicated Hosting client, at your disposal are all the resources and flexibility that the cloud provides. If you need load balancing for those traffic spikes, a private cloud for your company’s intranet, or a server for all your clients’ websites, Wajig is unmatched in the market when it comes to the level of service and the price point we come in at.