Your Website, Application, & Company In The Cloud

Your Website, Application, & Company In The Cloud

Hosting is the most complicated part of any website, we understand that.
So Wajig makes it easy for you. You tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll make it happen. Wajig’s infrastructure is all cloud based, which allows not only us, but you as well, to do things that just can’t be done on non-cloud based hosts.

Cloud Hosting

Call us today with your
most complicated business needs
and we’ll design a solution the fits.

When someone visits your website, it needs to be there. Whether you are offering a promotion that will be on TV, Facebook, Twitter, or any other media, Wajig will ensure that your website scales appropriately to handle the traffic spikes and is always online.

Wajig utilizes Amazon Web Services as well as Rackspace. The technology that we use for our own applications and services are the very same ones we offer to you, our customer. It’s called eating your own dog-food, and frankly, it’s quite good.

Hosting in the cloud allows for many unique configurations that many providers cannot offer at the price point we hit. One such feature is the Content Delivery Network, or CDN, which allows your content to be distributed across the network so that when someone visits your site from Germany, they aren’t getting the images served from California, but from Germany. This results in your site being faster, and your customers happier for the quick response.

Wajig Makes It Easy

Whether you are a single website on a shared server or an enterprise client running multiple dedicated instances, every single client is backed up nightly. Each and every client gets our managed hosted services. We monitor and maintain each and every piece of our infrastructure so you don’t have to.

Ever been frustrated because you deleted a file or made a change and couldn’t get the old one back? Just let us restore it from last night’s backup and your headache never comes. Wajig also offers more frequent data protection services that will be able to retrieve a file from as soon as fifteen minutes ago.


Shared Hosting

Unlike other Shared Hosting providers, we know who your neighbors are. Your website isn’t on a server where there are 250 other websites from all around the planet. If you are a Shared Hosting client, we take special care that your site will not suffer as a result of another site being a resource hog.

Dedicated Hosting

As a Dedicated Hosting client, at your disposal are all the resources and flexibility that the cloud provides. If you need load balancing for those traffic spikes, a private cloud for your company’s intranet, or a server for all your clients’ websites, Wajig is unmatched in the market when it comes to the level of service and the price point we come in at.